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[Product Description]

・ Kayanoya Kayanoya Dashi (8g x 30 bags) 1 bag

・ Kayanoya dried sardines Dashi (8g x 30 bags) 1 bag

・Kayanoya Kombu Dashi (6g x 24 bags) 1 bag

・Ajinomoto Hondashi (8g x 40 bags) 1 box

The above 4 points will be put together in one box and sent to you.

Regarding the 3 products of Kayanoya, it is possible to ask for 3 products you would like.

Example: 2 bags of Kayanoya dashi and 1 bag of dried sardines

If there is no description in the remarks column, we will prepare one by one as shown in the photo.


Box size: 33.5 cm wide x 24 cm long x 22.5 cm high

Weight: under 1.6kg